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Boston, MA Google Ads & PPC

Google Ads and Bing Ads are a great way to get targeted visitors in and around Boston to your website who are looking for your products and services. We often recommend Google Ads to clients looking to get a faster return on ad spend or need to get leads going quickly. You'll often pay a higher CAC (customer acquisition cost) per lead, but you can usually get leads flowing pretty quickly.

Google Ads is also used to expand market share in Boston, MA and drive growth. When paired with SEO services or social media marketing, you can often see heightened performance with synergy between marketing channels.

If you are just getting started or have accounts you'd like to improve performance in, we can help. We'll uncover hidden potential and reduce wasted spend, giving you a better ROAS (return on ad spend).


AVG Increase in Conversions


AVG Decrease in Cost/Conversion


Wasted Spend Saved on Spam Clicks


Transparency & Clarity of Deliverables

Types of Google Ads Campaigns

Using the right approach for your business goals in Boston, MA.

Google Search Ads Management in Boston, MA

Search Ads

Google Search Ads are the standard for Google advertising, and are typically the text-based ads you see on the top of the search results. These ads appear when you've targeted a keyword that a user is searching for in Google. These ads have a higher CPC, but tend to have a higher conversion rate.

Google Display Ads Management in Boston, MA

Display Ads

Display ads are visual image ads that appear in Google's display network. These image ads can be still images or animated to draw attention, and appear on other websites that display ads from the display network. These ads have a larger reach and lower CPC, but also lower conversions on average.

Google Shopping Ads Management in Boston, MA

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads appear at the top of Google search results for product specific searches. These ads are enabled with a Google Merchant Center product feed which you can often generate from your e-commerce website like Shopify or Woocommerce, or manually created and uploaded.

Google Local Ads Management in Boston, MA

Local Ads

Local ads can be run using local extensions to show ads in the map listings, or as Local Service Ads which is a special classification of ads for advertisers who are Google Guaranteed and are in certain markets and industries.

Google Remarketing Ads Management in Boston, MA

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are display ads we can leverage to continue advertising to users that have been on our website but haven't converted yet. We may offer an incentive to return, or highlight the product/service they were viewing when they visited.

Google Performance Max Ads Management in Boston, MA

Performance Max Ads

Performance Mad ads allow advertisers to use ad assets across all channels like Display, Search, Discover, Maps, etc. These are goal-driven ads, and can help streamline overall optimization by combining these channels into a single campaign structure.

Google Ads Management Packages in Boston

Our Google Ads Management packages are designed to give you the edge you need in advertising to create new sales and lead opportunities for your business.

Depending on your needs, we can manage campaigns in search ads, display ads, product ads, local ads, and Performance Max ads across the full spectrum. You get research, ad creative, refinement, fraud prevention, and so much more with our Google Ads Management Service. Expand your marketing to attract customers in Boston, Somerville, Winthrop, Brookline, Quincy, Newton and where ever else you want to reach.

Startup Package

EARLY STAGE BUSINESSES WITH LESS THAN 1M IN REVENUE (8 POINTS/MONTH) tooltipSmaller budgets require greater attention to detail to produce ROI. We'll help you ensure that more of your budget is landing on the search terms and locations you need to grow your business. Does not include ad spend which is paid directly to Google.


Or 15% of Ad Spend (whichever is greater)

Growth Package

SMALL BUSINESSES WITH MORE THAN 1M REVENUE (15 POINTS/MONTH) tooltipAs businesses grow, so do their offerings. We'll expand campaigns to cover 5-8 ad groups to give you more coverage. More ad groups require higher budgets to give each campaign/ad group enough budget to perform well. We usually don't recommend increasing the amount of campaigns or ad groups without a corresponding budget increase, so this account will have a higher recommended ad budget than the starter package. We also have more data, keywords, and ads to manage, with increased utilization.


Or 15% of Ad Spend (whichever is greater)

SMB Package

ESTABLISHED SMALL BUSINESSES (35 POINTS/MONTH) tooltipThis package is for more complicated ad campaigns and includes management of product ads and product feeds, more campaigns and ad groups, and more ad assets. We also tend to recommend higher ad spend budgets as you add in campaigns and products to make sure you don't under-fund a campaign and limit its performance. We'll guide you to prioritizing the right campaigns and getting balance across your campaigns and products.


Or 15% of Ad Spend (whichever is greater)

Pro Package

ESTABLISHED SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZED BUSINESSES (100 POINTS/MONTH) tooltipFor some businesses, sales and leads from Google Ads are an essential business function. We partner with businesses to manage Google Ads to meet specific sales goals and objectives as a part of their marketing team. You get access to more utilization and support, with more in-depth analysis to help scale growth.


Or 15% of Ad Spend (whichever is greater)

Need Something Specific?

Reach out and get a quote. We can often create a custom solution for start-ups or enterprise businesses based on each organization's needs.

Are You Ready For AI in Boston Google Ads?

Artificial Intelligence is here, and it's here to stay. The question is - how do we use it? SEOteric is on the leading edge of AI, integrating trend analysis and AI tools into our development and marketing solutions for our clients in Boston. It's important to note that AI is more of a "co-pilot" and a tool to be used by professionals. In the right hands, it can increase efficiency and effectiveness of initiatives. It's not a replacement for strategy and execution, but a tool that can help achieve new and exciting things. We don't use AI as a replacement for talent - but we do leverage it to create new opportunities for growth.

Marketing AI Artificial Intelligence for Google Ads in Boston

We Rescue Under-performing Ad Accounts in Boston

Businesses in Boston have a lot of competition for the attention of their customers. We often find areas that need improvement like campaign settings, geographic targeting and geofencing, keyword usage, negative keywords, ad copy, landing page relevance, or wasted spend on clicks not likely to convert. We look at each account holistically from top to bottom to identify areas of optimization

If your Boston Google Ads campaigns are under-performing, we have a solution to help. We can diagnose the issues and execute a plan to improve performance and ROI. We leverage machine learning tools, Spam prevention tools, and competitive intelligence to get the most from your ad spend.

Boston MA Google Ads Agency
Boston MA SEO Content Creation

Google Ads Account Creation

For businesses in Boston that need to start running Google Ads, we offer a full account creation service. Account structure matters, and we'll construct an ad account designed to get a great return on ad spend. Google Ads accounts are always set up in your account, with management access granted to our team. That means the Google Ads account is yours. We've seen other agencies hold ad accounts hostage and not give them back to the owner, but that's not something you'll ever have to worry about with SEOteric. We partner with you to build it in your account, so you'll have a lasting value from working with us.

Google Ads Keyword Research that Sparks Growth

Selecting the right keywords for your Google Ads account is a critical first step to getting the most return on ad spend. We have to identify terms with search volume and transactional intent that match your product/service offering and locations around Boston. Search volume is important, but probably even more important is whether the target terms are likely to create an opportunity for your business. With limited budget, you start at the bottom of the funnel with transactional key phrases, and you have to know that your visitors are located in or near Boston, Somerville, Winthrop, Brookline, Quincy, Newton, and surrounding areas.

Boston MA Google Ads Keyword Research
Boston MA Google Ads Performance Overview

Intent-Matching Across Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords, and Landing Pages

The closer you can match the intent of your ads and landing pages to the intent of the user, the better your conversion rates are going to be. That seems reasonable, but without the proper account structure, settings, and keyword groupings, you can inadvertently blur the lines. Each product or service is broken down into specific categories, with keywords directly related to that service, with ad copy and landing pages matching those categories and locations.

When a user does a search, they should get an ad for exactly what they need where they need it, and get to a landing page that helps them accomplish their search goals without having to search any further. If a user performs a search in Boston and lands on a page that directly meets their need, you have a better chance at a revenue opportunity.

We'll also work with you to prioritize what you want - meaning, you'll get more leads/sales for the things you want. We plan the strategy, categorize the search terms into related groups, then create ads and match those to the appropriate landing pages to drive people to your website with matching needs and an intent to act on them.

Machine Learning Trend Analysis and Manual Refinements

We use machine learning and trend analysis to identify actionable improvements based on data. This includes time of day, locations, search terms, ads, etc to give us a picture of what is working and what isn't. These refinements are added to your account to help us better utilize as spend where its most likely to produce a return.

We also do a manual review of search terms to identify phrases to exclude (negative keywords) as well as new keyword targets. This honing and refinement process helps us ensure we are only getting clicks where we want to, and excluding those clicks we don't want.

Boston MA Google Ads Trend Analysis
Boston MA Google Ads Savings

Reducing Wasted Spend on Fraud and Spam Clicks

One of the tools we use for our clients is ClickCease, which helps us reign in wasted ad clicks. Clicks from bots, competitors, click farms, and other non-converting traffic gets added to an exclusion list to prevent those clicks from occurring, often saving 10% or more on potential wasted clicks.

We'll even show you the savings from protecting you from this type of ad leakage, meaning more of your budget goes towards real users, lifting your conversion opportunities.

Google Ads Certified Marketing Specialists

Most of our digital marketing specialists are Google Ads certified with multiple years of account management experience. We've worked on all types of campaigns including local, national, e-commerce, lead generation, remarketing and more.

When it comes to ad spend management, experience matters. We know search marketing inside and out, and we'll leverage our experience and expertise to get you in front of the right audience, with the right message.

Boston MA Google Ads Certified Specialists

Our Standard of Work

Our Goal is That Every Client Becomes a Case Study.

Franchise Marketing

Your Pie trust SEOteric with their website, SEO and Google ads for their 70+ franchises, as well as franchise recruiting for new franchise leads.


Increase In SEO Conversions

Local SEO + Google Ads

4esthetics Lounge trust SEOteric with their website, SEO and Google Business Profile, and Google Ads for their location in Lexington, KY.


Increase In Overall Conversions

Enterprise SEO + Consulting

World Bank via CGAP and FinDevGateway trust SEOteric with SEO consulting and guidance for their digital teams.


Increase In Organic SEO Traffic

Multi-Location Digital Marketing

Kaizen Auto Care trust SEOteric to manage digital marketing and SEO for their 40+ locations across the country. (Yes, 15X - ask for the chart.)


Increase In Organic SEO Traffic

We Know Google Ads in Boston, MA

Gain Your Competitive Edge in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts, houses a diverse business community across various industries such as technology, education, healthcare, finance, and biotechnology, contributing to a vibrant and competitive market. In this dynamic setting, Google Ads serve as a pivotal marketing tool for businesses aiming to target specific demographics in Boston. Recognizing the significance of precise audience targeting, companies leverage Google's advertising platform to craft customized campaigns. By employing strategic keywords, location-based targeting, and demographic filters, businesses effectively reach potential customers actively seeking their products or services. With Boston's tech-savvy and digitally-engaged population, Google Ads play a critical role in enhancing brand visibility, driving relevant website traffic, and ultimately improving conversions. The strategic utilization of Google Ads reflects businesses' commitment in Boston to efficiently connect with their target audience in this diverse and innovative Massachusetts city.

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