SEOteric Sponsors Coldwell Banker SSK Awards Breakfast

Each year, Coldwell Banker SSK of Macon, Milledgeville, Warner Robins, and the Lake Sinclair area put on a wonderful awards breakfast celebration. SEOteric has been working with Coldwell Banker SSK for a few months now, helping them maintain and expand online market exposure. There was a lot to be proud of at the event, with many agents having great years as the company grew and expanded. SEOteric was able to be a part of the celebration and share how we are helping them gain more market exposure. Our co-founder and lead SEO Matt Brooks addressed the group, congratulating them on a wonderful year of success. We love being a strategic partner for companies that we can help grow, and we hope we can be a part of another great year of growth with Coldwell Banker SSK. If you need a real estate agent or plan to buy or sell a home in central Georgia, you can trust their agents to take care of your needs.

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