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We're A Search-First Digital Marketing Agency

SEOteric is a digital media marketing agency that evolved from our roots as an SEO firm. We specialize in creating marketing strategies for businesses to engage with customers online using their website, videos, Google and other search engines, social media, email, mobile applications, pay-per-click advertising, and lead prospecting. We have a multi-faceted approach to online marketing that is engineered to drive engagement and conversions. We offer weekly in-depth analytics and reporting on performance so you can see the impact your digital strategies are having on your bottom line.

SEOteric was founded in 2009 by Matt Brooks and Clint Bullock after several years of developing strategies and honing skills on personal projects. We started branching out and helping friends that owned businesses with online marketing and started to see some early success, so they began building a business around online technologies and marketing. We've been building websites and marketing since 2006, and since then have added a great team of graphic artists, code developers, marketing specialists, and project managers.

SEOteric is fortunate to have some very talented and highly technical people that serve our customers. Our team consists of graphic artists to make you look your best, code developers that make things work, SEO and marketing specialists to increase your visibility, systems engineers to keep your website fast and secure, and software developers to help you create your custom solutions. Each of our services has a specific person or team assigned to it, allowing them to excel at what they do. This gives you the best possible service and the best results.

Our headquarters is in Watkinsville, GA - just west of Athens with satellite offices in North Atlanta.


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Transparency & Clarity of Deliverables

Our Team

Our Leadership Team and Operations Leaders

Matt Brooks - CEO

Matt Brooks

CEO & Marketing Director

Clint Bullock - CIO

Clint Bullock

CIO & Technology Director

Ben Howes

Ben Howes

Creative Director

Jonathan Staton

Jonathan Staton

Development Director

Al Moses

Al Moses

Marketing Operations

Heidi Schmidt

Heidi Schmidt

Marketing Operations

Tim Jones

Tim Jones

Marketing Operations

John Shaner

John Shaner

Marketing Operations

Max Cole

Max Cole

Marketing Operations

Sharon Brooks

Sharon Brooks

Account Services

Our Pillars of Partnership

A few things that are important to us and our clients.

Transparent Services


You'll see exactly what we are working on and have input and approval for what we execute. Our work is visible, meaning, you'll see what's being done. You can access data and analytics like rankings, traffic, conversions, and important marketing metrics whenever you want. Our deliverables will highlight and show exactly what goes in to your campaign.

Effective Service


Our process works by clearly defining the gap of where you are and where we need to go. This Competitive Intelligence is specific to you - your market and your services. We take the guesswork out of SEO and marketing by establishing a clear path to improvement, delivering case-study worthy results across many industries and scopes.

Intelligent  Service


We craft solutions for each individual client, leveraging our assessments and Competitive Intelligence to identify actionable improvements. We prioritize strategies based on business goals and what is important to you, giving thoughtful consideration and strategy development that is cross examined by our marketing operations team for maximim effectiveness.

Sustainable Service


Our strategies and tactics evolve based on real-time feedback of results, research, and Competitive Intelligence. We utilize an "evergreen" approach that gets better with time as we monitor competitive changes and changes in platforms (like Google, Google Ads, Facebook, etc).

Consistent Service


Our consulting and meetings follow a defined cadence of Progress, Results, and Opportunities & Insights (PRO). You'll see what we've done (Progress), how that worked (Results), and what to expect next (Opportunities). You have a voice and guidance in the marketing decisions and strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service


We provide deliverables and proof of work for what we execute like changes, research, and content updates). You'll see the results grow over time with our up-to-date marketing dashboards. Regular consulting meetings will keep you up to speed on marketing initiatives.

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