Franchise Digital Marketing

Franchise Digital Marketing That Drives An Increasing AUV

Solutions Built Specifically For Franchises and Multi-location Businesses. SEOteric helps franchise businesses attract potential franchisees and improve local store sales using localized digital marketing strategies. The top four things potential franchisees want to see in a franchisor is Product, Culture, AUV (average unit volume) and Net (Net profitability per store).

Our franchise digital marketing approach helps brands improve the attractiveness of their franchise offering by helping create more appeal around the product and culture, and by increasing store level sales metrics. We've helped franchise locations see a 300% or more increase in conversions and actions that lead to revenue opportunities. Our process helps each location increase organic SEO rankings in Google Maps (local listings) and organic listings. We also often pair this with Google Ads and social media marketing to create a customized and local approach to each individual location.


AVG Increase in SEO Traffic


AVG Increase in Sales & Leads


AVG Increase in Conversion Rate


Transparency & Clarity of Deliverables

Our Process is Designed to Deliver 4 Main Digital Marketing Objectives

  • Improve individual location sales metrics for a healthier AUV.
  • Solve challenges related to data, brand consistency, and campaign performance.
  • Create lead opportunities for new franchise growth.
  • Provide a strategic partnership to keep your brand on the leading edge of digital marketing.

Franchise Local SEO

Capture Search Demand

Local Franchise SEO

Franchise Local SEO is used to optimize each individual location of a franchise business for search engines. This is crucial for franchises because they operate in multiple locations, and each location needs to be visible and easily found by local customers. The goal of franchise local SEO is to improve the online presence of each franchise location in local search results, which can drive more traffic and increase sales.

The process of franchise local SEO involves several key steps. Each location needs to have its own unique, localized content on the website. This includes the address, phone number, and business hours, as well as information about the products or services offered at that specific location. Locations should be listed in local business directories and on Google My Business, with accurate and consistent information. We'll help you manage all aspects of each location's SEO, in both map listings and organic listings.

SEO Growth You Can See and Feel

A multi-year partnership saw incredible organic growth in Google, despite increasing competition and lots of Google Updates. With a focus on competitive intelligence and Google rankings insights, we kept the progress and momentum moving up and to the right. With 10X the customer actions and 180K+ monthly visitors, this is impact that drives business growth.

Franchise SEo Results

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Franchise Local Advertising

Google Ads for Franchise Locations

Google Ads for franchise locations is a powerful tool that can help franchise businesses attract more customers and increase their sales. This advertising platform allows franchises to create targeted ads that appear in Google's search results and in Google Maps. These ads can be customized to reach potential customers in specific geographic locations, making them particularly effective for franchises with multiple locations. We've helped franchisors set up and manage brand level accounts for all locations as well as individual accounts and campaigns for each location.

The use of Google Ads for franchise locations typically involves creating separate campaigns or ad groups for each location. This allows for more precise targeting and enables franchises to tailor their ads to the specific needs and interests of customers in different areas. For example, a franchise might run one set of ads for a location in a city center, and a different set for a location in a suburban area. Each ad can be optimized with location-specific keywords and ad copy to increase its relevance and effectiveness. Franchises can use Google Ads location extensions to show their business address, phone number, and a map marker along with their ads, making it easier for customers to find their locations. Google Ads also provides detailed analytics, so franchises can track the performance of their ads for each location and adjust their strategies as needed.

Franchise Google Ads
Franchise Social Media Marketing

Get More Franchise Leads

Franchise Lead Recruiting

Franchisee lead recruiting and marketing refers to the strategies and tactics used to attract potential franchisees to a franchise business. This is a critical aspect of franchise growth, as it helps to expand the franchise's reach and increase its market share. The goal of franchisee lead marketing is to generate interest among potential franchisees, provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision, and ultimately convert them into new franchise owners.

The process of franchisee lead marketing often begins with identifying the target audience. This could include individuals who are interested in starting their own business, existing business owners looking to diversify, or investors seeking new opportunities. Once the target audience is identified, the franchise can use a variety of marketing channels to reach these potential franchisees. This might include digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and content marketing, as well as traditional marketing methods like trade shows and direct mail. Social media platforms and professional networking sites like LinkedIn can also be effective tools for reaching potential franchisees. The key is to clearly communicate the benefits of owning a franchise, such as the support and resources provided by the franchisor, the proven business model, and the potential for financial success. It's also important to provide clear and transparent information about the investment required and the process of becoming a franchisee.

SEOteric will help you craft the right message for your franchise and distribute that to your target audience across SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media. We also can leverage franchise search websites to give additional exposure and lead opportunities.

Is You Franchise Ready For AI?

Artificial Intelligence is here, and it's here to stay. The question is - how do we use it? SEOteric is on the leading edge of AI, integrating trend analysis and AI tools into our development and marketing solutions. It's important to note that AI is more of a "co-pilot" and a tool to be used by professionals. In the right hands, it can increase efficiency and effectiveness of initiatives. It's not a replacement for strategy and execution, but a tool that can help achieve new and exciting things. We don't use AI as a replacement for talent - but we do leverage it to create new opportunities for growth.

Marketing AI Artificial Intellgence for Franchise Marketing

Clarity and Deliverables

We provide deliverables and proof of work for what we execute like website changes, research, and content updates. You'll see the results grow over time with our up-to-date marketing dashboards. Regular consulting meetings will keep you up to speed on marketing initiatives. If you have felt in the dark or not clear on what your getting with your SEO services, working with us will be refreshing.

Our process works by clearly defining the gap of where you are and where we need to go. This Competitive Intelligence is specific to you - your market and your services. We take the guesswork out of SEO and marketing by establishing a clear path to improvement, delivering case-study worthy results across many industries and scopes.

Most campaigns will get the following deliverables along with their analytics and reporting:

  • Initial Assessment tooltip The Initial Assessment is to give us an overall roadmap and baseline starting position.
  • Technical SEO Audit tooltip The Technical SEO Audit to discover technical issues like crawling, indexing, 404s, redirects, etc that can hinder rankings.
  • Keyword Research tooltip Keyword Research to identify transactional and information search terms likely to meet your business objectives.
  • Competitive Intelligence tooltip Competitive Intelligence to identify what Google wants from a top ranking site and a pathway to get there. One of the most important deliverables and differentiators with SEOteric is our ability to identify and execute the actionable steps for rankings improvement based on your specific industry and keyword targets.
  • Content Creation tooltip Content Creation with strategic outlines and content designed to meet the requirements of search engines and your prospective users.
  • 10X Pillar Pages tooltip 10X Pillar Pages which act as main keyword/topic landing pages. These pages are derived from competitive intelligence by analyzing the top 10 ranking sites and then amplifying their content into a single good resource (hence the moniker "10X").
  • Topic Subpages tooltip Topic Subpages which can be used to target subtopics and related keywords. Subpages give us an opportunity to improve rankings for deep topics and long tail search queries.
  • Content Optimization tooltip Content Optimization to optimize content and pages using a metric by metric approach for key elements like titles, meta data, internal links, headlines, supporting media, etc
  • Content Refinement tooltip Content Refinement to test subtle changes for ranking improvements. Sometimes in competitive search topics and keywords, the gaps get smaller at the top, and finding opportunities for improvement requires strategic changes tested and refined over time.
  • Conversion Tracking tooltip Conversion Tracking to know how users are interacting with your website. We track things like form submissions, calls from mobile devices, and other actions that are centric to your business goals.
  • HARO Monitoring tooltip HARO Monitoring for media queries and link opportunities. These can be sparse for some industries, but the opportunities can be significant to acquire highly credible and relevant inbound links.
  • Link Outreach tooltip Link Outreach to find relevant link targets to pitch link opportunities. We used a mix of strategies to acquire links using manual outreach. That may include pitching expert quotes to add to existing articles, getting content published to existing articles, pitching new content, and contributing to news or journalist content as a third party validation source.
  • Analytics Dashboard tooltip Analytics Dashboard to monitor and keep track of progress. Data like rankings, traffic, traffic sources, conversions, and more can be found on your custom analytics interface. Data is updated at least daily so you can see in real time how things are going.
  • Monthly Consulting tooltip Monthly Consulting to keep you up to date on our progress. Our cadence for consulting follows our PRO cadence of Progress, Results, and Opportunities. Progress to show the work that has been executed,Results to show the impact of the work, and Opportunities to show what we've learned and what's coming next.
  • Digital Marketing Direction tooltip Digital Marketing Direction to give guidance on new opportunities, new channel developments, and how to progress and grow in market share. You'll have a pathway and a voice in your course for growth.

Our Standard of Work

Our Goal is That Every Client Becomes a Case Study.

Franchise Marketing

Your Pie trust SEOteric with their website, SEO and Google ads for their 70+ franchises, as well as franchise recruiting for new franchise leads.


Increase In SEO Conversions

Local SEO + Google Ads

4esthetics Lounge trust SEOteric with their website, SEO and Google Business Profile, and Google Ads for their location in Lexington, KY.


Increase In Overall Conversions

Enterprise SEO + Consulting

World Bank via CGAP and FinDevGateway trust SEOteric with SEO consulting and guidance for their digital teams.


Increase In Organic SEO Traffic

Multi-Location Digital Marketing

Kaizen Auto Care trust SEOteric to manage digital marketing and SEO for their 40+ locations across the country. (Yes, 15X - ask for the chart.)


Increase In Organic SEO Traffic

Franchise Marketing Verticals

We have experience in a wide range of categories. Below are just a few industries we serve.

Local SEO

Restaurant Franchises

From 2 locations to 2000, SEOteric has the experience to help each location maximize its potential in a competitive category with an intelligent approach.

National SEO

Fitness/Health Franchises

Health and fitness franchises including gyms, med spas, urgent care centers, dentist offices, orthopedic practices all benefit from franchise marketing.

E-commerce SEO

Home Services Franchises

Painting, construction, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, and HVAC are just a few categories that benefit from a search-focused marketing plan.

E-commerce SEO

Retail Sales Franchises

Retail locations as well as e-commerce providers with brick and mortar sales leverage digital marketing to increase sales for each location and increase revenue.

E-commerce SEO

Professional Services Franchises

Accounting, business services, finance, banks, and other multi-location professional services organizations need a plan for keeping the sales pipeline full.

E-commerce SEO

Automotive Franchises

Auto body shops, tire centers, oil change services, and mechanic shops can all benefit by getting in front of their customers searching for a solution.

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